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The provision of customized robot solutions according to factory automation

CEO Greetings

We are ROFA, a company that constructs customized solutions according to the development of automation systems and provide and install them.

Hello! Thank you for visiting the ROFA Homepage.

ROFA has been making its best efforts to provide customers with the best solutions with the vision of 'the provision of convenient robot services leading the robot convergence era' since its foundation in 2014.

We provides handling robots that are suitable for industrial settings based on the technology of robot development and application accumulated since the company’s foundation, and we carry out the business of producing robot application systems through active R&D and human resources investment. As a leader in the robot convergence era, ROFA will grow into a competitive brand in the global market as well as in Korea based on its accumulated competence.

All the executives and employees of ROFA will realize customer satisfaction through ceaseless innovation for the improvement of business competitiveness, regarding customer trust as their first value.

We at ROFA will always do our best to provide the best robot products and service upon your request. Thank you.

ROFA CEO  An, Byong Hwa